Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Sea Bridge

After laundry, went out to eat dinner with August and some other ppl. I haven't seem him for quite some time... Afterwards, went along to see some fireworks. Fireworks arn't normally interesting to me, but this was -- apparently it was managed by incompetents this time, as they were both too close to the crowd, and too low to the ground. Some of the people in our group were hit by shrapnel, and a few of the fireworks exploded on the ground where they were being launched. Afterwards, some of us went out to TJs. It was kind of a fun night, but the walking tired me out. Currently, I was hoping to call the jobboard today to see if they could fit me in today, but again am thwarted by Jason being hard to contact, as he's to go with me. When I got back and was resting, Wally walked too close to a candle and burned some of his whiskers and paw while swatting at it. I've been having strange dreams about creatures that seem to be a mix between spiders and iguanas. It illustrates how dreams are, and that something need not have a definite shape to be percieved -- I have a feeling that the relevant perceptions of attributes were directly stimulated, rather than any kind of synthetic shape being produced. Oh well.

Wrote the sketch for an essay on juries in the legal system, gathering ideas for a possible argument that would either eliminate lawyers or make them for both sides be court appointed, in response to bullying tactics by wealthy corporations.

I also have hiccups right now -- kind of irritating. Digging out some music I haven't listened to for awhile. It's nice to have all my laundry done. Maybe I'll clean some stuff up or vaccuum today.

It's odd sometimes, the shape of my loneliness. I don't really get lonely when I'm in my apartment, but whenever I leave, I hate to be alone. Until I started writing about this, I thought it was purely because I feel at home here, and hate car rides alone, but it just struck me that I have my pets here, and that may also be a factor.


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