Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cultural differences and ignorance

I recently was watching some anime, a particular series called Cardcaptor Sakura. It's a cute series, with no graphic violence, no sex, etc. In most concerns, it would probably rate a G, and be considered appropriate by most Americans to be suitable for 6-year olds or whatever. But, there's a particular element to it that you won't see on American television. In it, there's a boy who is attracted to a much older boy. Attitudes to attraction and relationships are interestingly different between cultures. American society, because it is largely based off of British society (fairly uptight group as is), and even worse was influenced by the Puritans (a very repressive religious sect that had a brief and very interesting heyday in Britain (look up Cromwell I if interested) but were fleeing Britain in droves during the colonization), is quite repressed about an awful lot of things. So, there's actually an 'americanized' dubbed version available on videocasette of this series, with all of that excised. Fortunately, on DVD you can get the series, subtitled, as it was meant to be seen. As is probably known to most people, in Greek and Roman times, sexual attitudes were different yet. For some reason, the campus preachers, and a lot of other religious freaks claim that their god put into humanity, as a hint to morality, intuitions on what is right or wrong as 'what is gross'. A stupidity: people used to consider interracial dating to be gross, and that's a good thing to bring up to such people. Behold the power of socialization. The religious freaks just don't have the education to have a broad understanding of history that would help dispel their intuitions. Most of what we are is from our upbringing.

Oh well, eventually, I might work that out into an essay proper. For now, it's just part of tonight's netdiary topic. Hmm. Darkgod hasn't done any work on Pernband or showed up on IRC in the last 3 days. I wonder what happened to him.. he's never been gone this long before. To put this in perspective, Pernband is a project that I'm a developer on. The main developer, who lives in France, goes by the name of Darkgod (I don't know his real name). There are a few other developers, and we all hang out on IRC frequently.

Mhh... Svalbard. It's an interesting country that's about 100 miles north of Finland, that's absolutely beautiful. I don't like cold weather, but it's on my (short) list of things to do in life to visit Svalbard. There's a spiffy website at Ideally, I'd visit during Winter, so best to see the Northern lights.

Oh well, I'm probably ready to go to Insomnia tonight now. Got a few new books to read today at Borders.

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