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Very boring day today. Job center is closed on Fridays, so I'll be certain to go on Monday. Recieved another call from a recruiter, and heard the 'not hiring entry-level programmers' thing again. *sigh* The OSU greensheets have a few more jobs that I'll go apply for on Monday, but they don't look like they pay very well. Not very happy with my continued lack of employment.

Anyhow, for awhile I wasn't sure if I was going to get up in time to make the interesting hours of Insomnia, but it looks like I will today. I seem to like napping from about 5pm to 11pm ... it's a good time to sleep.... the sun is coming down, etc. It's also a good time to go for a walk. I haven't been on many walks recently. I maybe will go for one this weekend.

Hmm... getting used to the clock-chimes of my computer is hard, although I still am in love with the idea. I think maybe I need the intro chimes before it chimes out the time, as often I'm not quite paying attention and need some time to mentally shift gears to count the chimes. I think maybe I know what I like about it -- it's a simple, non-irritating way to tell the time that is nonlocational (roughly), push (to borrow the faddish net term), and uses a sense other than sight. I love that anywhere in my apartment, it works, that I don't need to request it, and that I don't need to use my eyes to have it work. Of course, it'd be completely irritating if it had a more complex sound. As a gift for Xmas one year, I got a clock that made animal noises. I used it for awhile, and after only a short time, I began to have fantasies about smashing the thing with a sledgehammer. It's currently sitting, without batteries, somewhere in the storage area of my apartment. Again, one of my principles, life should be kept simple in the uninteresting parts. I actually would love to have a real grandfather clock. I am curious about the mechanics of their operation though -- do they need to be wound? I don't think they're plugged in -- they existed for too long before electricity, if memory serves. It's sad -- so many of the more ... noble(?) devices, companions to humanity, were made some time ago. Too much today is made with a focus on being cheap. That's not inherently bad, but if it looks cheap, and acts cheap, then it's not really very desirable. Pocketwatches, grandfather clocks, older looking hats, umbrellas, nice chairs, etc. Give me a nice, old version of each from the 1930s, or with similar style, and I would be a happy person. Oh well, not a big deal. In some ways, we've stepped forward. Other things we have are markedly better -- cars, a lot of types of clothing (thanks to new materials), etc. Some time ago, I went with Jason to an Army Surplus store, and got my current pair of footwear. They're a nice big pair of (army?) boots. It's nice to have something that fit my (too wide) feet. I don't think I'd ever want to wear footwear from the 1930s. I suppose that's another of my attitudes towards life -- seek optimalities from everywhere (where interesting), creating new ones when no old ones are sufficient.

I'm probably almost dry from the shower I took in the middle of writing this, so I guess that marks the end of this entry.

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