Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Physical problems

My neck often doesn't feel right recently -- it feels like it's not quite strong enough to hold up my head. It aches often. Irritating. It doesn't seem to make a difference what my posture is.

Dr. Forrester seems to have a swelling on both sides of his jaw. I probably should make an appointment to take him to the doctor.

Hmm... not sure what to do today. Might see a movie with Charles -- he called me yesterday when I was out, and wanted to watch more of an incredibly long Lars von Trier film about a haunted hospital. We watched about half an hour of it last weekend. It's a little over 4 hours long. On the plus, it did have a certain interestingness to it... maybe it's that the characters just had a lot of force of personality or something. On the minus, it seems to be yet another one of those films that thumbs its nose at modern science and encourages screwball mystics across the globe to continue in darkness. The particular thing I'm talking about is that it's a fairly non-fantastic film that has scientists, well, doctors anyhow, do their best with tools of science, fail, and then 'what-the-hell' do exorcisms and all that crap, and it 'amazingly' works. Well, that's according to the box, anyhow. It all seems to be part of a revolt against rationality. People get mad when you take their dumb spirituality away from them, so they rejoice when they see it striking back, even if only in the movies. Grumble.

I probably should just try to enjoy the film, but it's like something made of ivory -- in other places/times, society is paying the cost of embracing this stuff, and while I am rational enough to ignore negative elements, most people arn't. Witness the mass-delusions that are Islam and Christianity.

Oh well.


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