Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Reversal of Clouds

Looks like the movie w/ charles isn't going to happen today. Oh well. Feeling hungry. Might do Indian Oven or Mongolian Barbeque tonight... Just need to figure out who to eat with.

I sometimes feel that I'm much more intelligent on a computer than I am in person. For some reason, the keyboard as a medium to communicate makes me more able to collect my thoughts. Countless times I've said something I've instantly regretted in RL, but that almost never happens on a computer. It feels like my intentionality is stronger, or perhaps that I'm less impulsive, on a computer, and also more able to collect my thoughts. Hmm. Maybe I should talk slower in RL. In some ways, the internet inherently feems more expressive to me as a medium than RL.

I think I'll maybe go for a walk today, or perhaps take one of my Iggies outside for sunning.

Perhaps I'll call around, find someone, and while I wait for them to arrive or whatever, I'll let my iggies enjoy the sun.


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