Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Felt-tip stars

Another day which I'm spending much of it seeking work. Just got back from the OSU employment centre, making an appointment with 5-star staffing for tomorrow morning (on phone right now)...

And while I wait, I think of service queues.... Situations where multiple clients are waiting for a crucial resource over a limited number of channels... thoughts on LIFO versus FIFO.... LIFO is theoretically more efficient if channels are never dropped, as it involves at least one less context switch... but FIFOs has a stronger assurace thatthe first job provably gets done. Which is worth more?

The taco bell food from yesterday is really punishing me. Spending a lot of time in the bathroom today :(

Now that I'm off the phone, I guess I'll be following the references that Rob (ex-boss from UTS Workstation Support) gave me for seeking work.

Will amuse myself while on hold by picking cat fur out of my keyboard. Wally really likes resting on keyboards.. maybe it's because it forces me to at least briefly pay attention to him. He's a remarkably good cat.

Ahh.. anyhow, enjoyed gumbo from the cajun place today for lunch. Gotta make those calls now..


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