Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Lost tooth

It's been a busy day already!

Went to five-star staffing resources today for an early morning appointment, went ok, but their forms are really rather outdated WRT computer stuff, making me wonder if they often place computer people. Took a typing test there, apparently I type at 79 words per minute. On my way back, ate at the Cajun Place, yet another yummy gumbo meal. Then, just now, made an appointment for Dr. Forrester to have his jaw examined.

Feeling sleepy after the big meal. Maybe will snuggle up with wally and take a long sleep -- I didn't sleep well last night... maybe it's just b/c it was so short a sleep and I was anticipating getting up early. Had maybe 4 hours sleep.

Last night, was at Insomnia, chatted with Dewon for quite some time, while we both were wondering if Jason is going to show up. She's getting more talkative. I'm not sure if she's really happy with her relationship with Jason. It concievably might be the age difference (Jason is slightly older than I am), but more likely is other factors. I wonder if she knows what she wants in a relationship.

To do today, if I wake back up in time:

  • Perhaps get a replacement battery for my iBook at Micro Center, as well as perhaps another charger
  • Return a tape I got from Media Play
  • Go to Meijer and get some hygene supplies that I'm running low on
  • Take one of the Iggies out for some sun. I finally found where one of the leashes was hiding...
  • Continue to read
Well, naptime now.
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