Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Confessions of the soothsayer

Back. Went with Jason and Dawon, picked up the application. Then went to Micro Center, and they lacked iBook batteries. Ate gumbo on way back. Then came back here, grabbed Frank, and we all walked to mirror lake, me picking up a new battery on the way at the University Computer Store. Stayed there awhile, letting Frank sun himself. He didn't enjoy it as much as I hoped he would -- I should've brought Dr. F instead. Then went to the greek-ish amplitheatre near the lake, and hung out there for awhile. Just got back.

Kind of tired. Also, very curious to see if the new battery is the end of my troubles with my laptop or if it needs to be repaired in more depth. The new battery is charging right now. Made more changes to Charles' website at his request. Feeling faintly sleepy.

It's odd, talking to people about themselves using metaphors of others. I've been accused of that, wrongly, in the past, and now I find myself doing it. But in this case, it's kind of acknowledged by the person I'm talking to. Moral courage and the right to intervene. Some might say that one should always refrain from giving advice, as it may lead someone to harm, and thus constitutes a responsibility if you fail and nothing if you succeed. I disagree -- when there is no situation of authority over them, one is at least not *morally* responsible for bad advice. Ethically? Pragmatically? Perhaps. Depends on the advice. I always try to give good advice when asked, and take care to disclose any biases I may have when strong bias may taint my judgement.

Tags: philosophy

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