Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Levy case - immediate publicity in police cases is dumb.

In the news recently, apparently there's a missing white house intern, presumed dead, who is being searched for. This is all fine, but the odd thing is that this is happening with a lot of publicity, with the news detailing each new area they're searching. This is either incredibly dumb or kind of clever, and my bet is that it's more of the first. If someone did kill her and hid the body, the publicity in where they're looking almost guarantees that, should that person (or persons) not want her found, they'll just move her when she's close to being found. I suppose it's possible that the police are counting on this and are looking for people running around with shovels after every announcement, but to plot that would require the cooperation of the media, something that I imagine police rarely get. So, in all likelyhood the decision to publicise these things is incredibly dumb.

Dr. Forrester is at the OSU vetrinary hospital right now, having his jaw absesses examined. He's been there since this morning, and I'm due to pick him up at 6PM. While I was getting ready to grab him, I bent down and actually managed to jab my eye with his tail, with no action of him involved. It still hurts. Hopefully it'll feel better soon.

A guilty love is a strong foundation for hate. Example: music that's appealing yet musically strongly deficient. Hanson music, as well as a lot of other music that has a kind of appeal yet has no merit.

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