Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Marks of the ancestors

Fairly recently was digging through a pile of old disks I brought here from my parents' home, and found a collaborative story board written on my old BBS. Most of the people who contributed to it were people I knew personally, especially me. It's interesting to note how each contribution was representative of their particular personality at the time.

Finally, it looks like I have a post phone-interview interview, tomorrow. Hopefully this will work out -- it's going to be a contract position doing C programming, lasting about 6 months. It might be just what I need to have on my resume to get a longer-term job. In any case, it'll get me a job, and keep me from needing to move back with my parents.

At this moment, I'm listening to 'Stand by your man', and it's musical style just strikes me as very very silly. It's hard to keep from laughing at the exaggerated country twang.

And now, so soon after I fixed the battery on my laptop, it seems the power adapter has died. This is the second one I've gone through, and I am quite unhappy about it. The things are expensive! And it died in the same way as the last one -- not a *real* death, but instead only working if 'jiggled' just right.

Oh well, about to head off to insomnia. It's odd, but I've noticed that Insomnia seems to be another place where the employees are really happy doing what they're doing, the first place I noticed of this was the Mongolian BBQ. I have a few reasons why it might be like this -- Perhaps they strongly encourage the employees to recruit their friends, and working with friends might be more fun than working with strangers. Perhaps it's the kind of people that show up there being so similar to the employees. Perhaps it's that the Insomnia employees don't have to do all the fake 'sir' crap that people do in a lot of businesses. I'll be quite happy if I never need to say 'sir' again to someone I don't know.

Off I go!


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