Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rebirth and Redeath

Insomnia actually closed tonight. Largely b/c the ppl who were supposed to work didn't come in. And now I'm waiting for Jason and Tim (not the Tim from B'ville) to go out to Hounddogs. Hopefully they won't cancel -- I'm hungry.

The wound from Dr. Forrester biting me is nicely healed. It's been amusing watching it heal up. Hopefully he's feeling better after the medications the vets are having me give him (he bit me on the way back from the hospital, he wasn't feeling well).

Looking forward to a long bath once I get back from Hounddogs. I suppose tomorrow evening, I need to drive back home -- my dad scheduled the flight to Cali from Cleveland. Jason will take care of my Igs while I'm gone.

Power cord to my laptop -- no longer broken. It appears that what was broken on the old and what is broken on the new are the exact opposite halves, so I switched, and now have one doubly broken power cord and one fully functional one. Huzzah.

Obsession. Friend or foe? In music? In love? In life?


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