Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Welcome departure

Ahh... back from the conference. Gave away tons of my resume. Forgot my camera. My watch's battery died. And I had a great time. That's the summary. Now, in detail...

I left on Sunday, drove to my parents home, and slept for a few hours, and then my father and I went to the conference. Yeah, he came again this year. Given that I can't afford to go myself (yet), I need to be funded somehow, so the conference was at least partially a vacation with my dad. It was okay, I guess, but it was stifling, and it made me feel bad the (many) times I insisted that he not hang around me so I could make friends and (hopefully) move towards finding a job. That's been the same problem the (now 3) times I've gone to the conference. And as usual, his temper did it's occasional acting up. Oh well.

Enjoyed a talk about code maintenance, learned that XML is quite wordy and perhaps too complex to be useful, and quite a lot of other stuff. Had indian food twice, and italian and seafood once each. I learned that Chicken Tikki Marsala (an indian dish) is quite good. Talked with a lot of potential employers. I also met a guy who takes cool pictures. He's at, and took some pictures of me with my resume and my laptop. They should be going up soonish.

I apparently have been lax in telling people I was going to be gone for a week -- Charles thinks that I've been deliberately avoiding him, Tim Llewellyn (old friend from Brecksville) came here and missed me, and Darkgod thinks I've been avoiding him because I wasn't happy with some changes he made to the tree. Hopefully I'll get all this straightened out soon.

My iggies look great -- Jason fed them more than I normally do, and they're nice and fat. Wally was kind of needy for the first hour I was back (it's been 2 hours now), but is calming down now. He apparently gets lonely easily.

I guess I'll order some food or something, and then go to bed -- the 5 hours of flying and 2 hours of driving really have exhausted me. Been thinking about lots of philosophy stuff on the car drive. I'll probably have some things to write soon -- going to start a project of governmental design based on value engineering.

Oh, I also saw a rather large number of attractive Germans at the conference. They all seemed quite intelligent, very aware (in a hard-to-describe sense), and had cool accents. One of them, Bridget, had purple hair, a face that somewhat reminded me of Martha's (except bigger), and was pretty cool. But.. I was rather attracted to her, and so I was too shy to talk much to her. Well, she was Austrian, actually. Wondering about the ancestral relation between the Prussians and the Polish, considering the similarity of facial structure.


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