Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


Worrying about finding a job. Got back from Insomnia last night after working on my website as well as updating the Mozilla FAQ for the first time in a long time. Haven't been able to get to sleep yet. Wally found a way out of my apartment -- the upstairs window's screen is now broken. I now have precisely one month left. And that month must include making living arrangements for wherever I'll be. Things are not looking good. Largely, I'm worried about rental issues -- I don't want to commit to living in Columbus by the rental arrangement I make, yet if I don't commit I may run into problems with finding a place that accepts pets. Ideally, I'd know lots of people in Columbus and manage to room with them in order to get a loose rental policy. But... I don't. Darn. Also, I run into a similar problem with regards to a job -- if I get a menial job, it still likely requires making some degree of commitment. And I really really don't want to get a menial job.

Just now, upgraded vim on holly, so I can now ssh from other boxen and run my netdiary program. Huzzah. I'm writing this from my laptop, lying down on the floor. Well, I've managed to finally become sleepy. Today, I need to pay rent, call back the place that was looking to have a second interview for me last week, and pester some other groups about a job. Perhaps I should start looking around for an apartment too.

Tags: work

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