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Kite Ride

Interesting further developments on the job/residence limbo that I'm floating in. Firstly, in the last few days I've been talking with some Redhat people, and I may be able to find a job at Redhat doing technical writing. If I can get that job, provided it pays enough, I'll take it. Well, it won't pay the relocation costs, so I'll probably talk to my parents regarding if it is acceptable to relocate myself. Secondly, should I be forced to stay in Columbus (for a time or for a while), I might have a place to stay. Tonight, at Insomnia, I saw again someone I met when visiting August's home some time ago. This person, Jeff, lives in a place with a very large vacant space in the basement. I took a look, and it looks like I could have all my stuff neatly fit down there, even with my hammock. It's an incredibly nice living place, with much cheaper rent to boot. I'll probably discuss this with my parents tomorrow/today, and provided I can get the landlord to accept my pets.

Interesting oddities -- Jeff is another
(section not shown)
person who was Martha's bf for a time between times she was dating Ryan, her high-school boyfriend. And Jason was there at Insomnia too,
(section not shown)
. We three were discussing our considerable similarities for a bit. It's odd that the subject still pains me. Apparently, I still am rather in love with her, despite not having seen her for about two years. This might be a downside if I end up living with Jeff and the other guy who lives there
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