Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Death Tarot

Just got back from Insomnia. Have been doing lots of work on my Qur'an critical reading. Was going to watch some BlackAdder with Jason tonight, but I guess I haven't managed to get in contact with him. Listened to people talking at Insomnia about philosophy. Although it's unrelated to what they were talking about, I've been wandering about some things myself. What exactly would it take for the brain to be able to easily think about more than one thing at once? Or does it? Maybe it does, but only one 'task' at a time is allowed to store memories, so we never become aware of the other 'tasks'. Reminds me of a discussion I had with Jeff when we were at Insomnia a little before the last entry -- he said that people attempting suicide generally are being irrational because they're not understanding that things generally get better. I said that that style of thinking is a fallacy, and is kind of a reverse-time-dilated version of the sunk cost phonomena. I think that regarding plans for the future, the only proper way to let it enter into one's judgement is the joy one can achieve now at thinking of a happy future, and if it is incapable of making the balance of joy and sorrow positive then it is rational to kill oneself. It was an interesting discussion. There's another philosophy guy I frequently see at insomnia, and I don't recall his name. He often has interesting ideas, but doesn't seem to have much of an understanding in information theory, leading him to several problematic stances. However, like all good philosophers, and most good conversationalists, he's open to argumentsfrom the other side. He also has a friend (who is female) who is also interested in philosophy. It's odd -- I haven't come across many female philosophers. It's sad to watch the effects of gender socialization in this country. I really wonder how many possibly great philosophers have been lost over these things. Oh well.

Tags: philosophy

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