Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Orbiting Symbols

Just did some code changes to my netdiary software. Substantial code cleanups, and they're beautiful too. Here's the relevant part of the old code:

my @files = readdir(SUMDIR); # read all the filesclosedir(SUMDIR);

my @filelist = sort {$b <=> $a} @files; # Numerically sort themfit: for($idx=0; $idx <= $#filelist; $idx++)
if($filelistLINK =~ /summary/i){next fit;} # skip index
if($filelistLINK =~ /\./) {next fit;} # Skip '.' and '..'
parsefile($filelistLINK); # Actually parse a file
And the new code:

my @files = # List of files is
sort {$b <=> $a} # a numerically sorted list
grep !/^\./, # Skipping . and ..
grep !/^summary/, # and skipping the summary file
readdir(SUMDIR); # from all the files

for($idx=0; $idx <= $#files; $idx++)

For some odd reason, the way those function calls nest creates a strange image in my mind, like an ordinary program would be like


But that part is more like
---------------/ \---

And I can imagine rewriting it to pull that loop even higher, as fewer portions between statements exist and things nest further. For some reason, I'm getting thoughts that perhaps with sufficient thought, the entire program could be written going up rather than going across, although that might look ugly (both in metaphor and in the actual code). Maybe that's what LISP and similar languages would normally look like.

Tags: programming

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