Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Social Dynamic in Open Environments

I've started packing. And finished, for now, having run out of boxes. Have been listening to russian red army choral music while doing so, and am in a fairly good mood.

Also, have been watching someone who has irritated me become unhappy that they did so. In the angband community, they have an IRC channel, #angband. I used to be a regular there. Unlike the old IRC networks I'm used to, the network this one is on uses channel services, and so everyone is opped. Well, except me, as I'm a traditionalist, and it offends my sensibilities to have everyone opped. I liked IRC best when maybe one or two people had ops. The way things seem to work nowadays is that the channel services routinely op and de-op people according to some kind of pecking order, and so people routinely kick other people for laughs or when they're irritated. As I don't like playing games with channel services, and refuse ops, I am, by power, the weakest person on the channel. Anyhow, there was an incident where we were looking for bots to dispense information to people. I brought a bot that I had written some time back as a curiosity to the channel, and started enchancing it, with the suggestions of other ppl on the channel. This other bloke then brought infobot (a well-known but uglily-written IRC bot software) into the channel, and demanded that I remove Pbot. I refused, he kicked me and pbot out, and so since then I've been in my own channel, #mold, and have my IRC client set to ignore him. As I'm involved in one of the more popular angband variants (PernAngband) and am also developing my own roguelike (MoLD), I have several ppl from #angband who hang out in there with me, and it's a convenient (and quieter) place to talk about Pernband development than #angband. Apparently, this person is now unhappy at what they've done. I suppose I'm glad that they're no longer strongly standing behind their position, but I really don't think that the underlying problem of the way channel services work there is going to be fixed.

In some ways, this reminds me of de Raadt and the origin of OpenBSD from the NetBSD project. I love those who take their ball and leave when mistreated, and the birth of OpenBSD strikes me as an act of incredible beauty. Too many people love the mild and the mediocre; I love the Stallmans, the de Raadts, those who have a beautiful anger for good cause, and whose anger drives them to greatness. Hmm. I suppose I really have drifted to another topic :)

Anyhow, I guess I'll go get a nice big cup of water and perhaps get ready to head off to Insomnia.

Tags: programming

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