Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Prey for Guidance

In a moderately good mood -- someone called me regarding my resume today, and with any luck I might get a computer job from them. Ran into Lorie and Jeff at Insomnia last night, caught up a bit with stuff that's going on in that circle of people. I've been having still more neckaches. I've been thinking about, when I have my bible/qur'an readings further along, making a pamphlet for people encountering preachers on the oval. The format will be a multiple choice quiz on biblical morality pointing out all the areas where even the modern conservatives would find the bible advocating things they would abhor. Example:

As a chosen of Yahweh, you have some visiting guests whom a mob outside wants to rape. Do you:
a) Toss the guests outside and save yourself
b) Offer the mob your daughters in exchange for your guests' safety
c) Fight the mob, hoping that your god will save you
The correct answer, of course, is B, as this happens in Genesis (Lot).

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