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Have been reading more about all that's going on in the Israel/Palestine area of the world, and see it as an example of how the stupid do-gooder will to comprimise messes up a solution. I have always found the politics of the region to be interesting, and repeat a prediction I made several years ago, that peace will never exist in the area until one side is either mostly dead or evacuated. Each side is fighting for what they consider their homeland, and so their conflict is one which can never be resolved, as they cannot coexist. Do I lean one way or the other? I suppose I'm marginally more sympathetic to the Palestinians, as there still exist Palestinians who lived there before they were swept aside by the Zionist movement in the wake of WW2. But at this point, most of the atrocity of the creation/destruction of Israel/Palestine is already over, and likely the majority of the wronged Palestinians are dead at this point, so the moral significance of that atrocity bears less weight than it once dead. I reject as completely uninteresting both sides religious claims to the land. What do I imagine the future holds for the region? I would imagine that the Israelis will eventually kill enough Palestinians that their claim to the land will be seen as legitimate by western powers, betting on the maxim that it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. I suppose the Zionists really have reaped the reward for their stupidity in pushing for Israel as their new homeland -- it would've been far more intelligent for them to ask for a region of Western Germany, as that location would've been safer and quite likely to be granted out of the lands of a defeated nation. Alternatively, it would've been interesting if the United States had offered of its own lands, perhaps a strip of land stretching from far southern California to southern New Mexico. These lands would've been quite safe, much of them are less than desirable to Americans yet would be relatively familiar to Israelis, and the new nation would result in less of a border with Mexico, making U.S. interests in immigration control easier. Alternatively, perhaps this offer could be made today, to the Palestinians or the Israelis.

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