Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Resolutions and Anticipation

Things are beginning to resolve themselves on all fronts, although their timing leaves a bit to be desired. I now definitely have a place to live after my current lease, and will be signing the new lease and beginning to move this coming weekend. Job places are beginning to call, with 2 fairly solid looking opportunities in the local area (an antique portal doing Perl stuff and OSU) and one in suburban Chicago. There was another place that I was looking into called Starbak -- apparently a lot of ppl I know work there, but that doesn't look like it's going to work out. I have the OSU interview tomorrow morning. I wish all these job things would've happened sooner -- with my moving, I'm really going to need to move my current telephone number to the new place, something I hoped I would be able to avoid. I was hoping actually to switch to a cell phone and not use a home phone at all. I don't use phones that much, so my fees would probably be low. Oh well.

Have seen Martha a bit at Insomnia, and it has combined with my having eaten Taco Bell in the last few days to make me feel somewhat ill. But I'm feeling better. Have had a bit of email with her as well, more on the flavor of resolutions. From my POV, and perhaps hers, her life isn't going well (on the big perspective, anyhow -- no short-term disasters). I don't want to chew on that too much though, lest it poison me. Might also have a visit from the ex-bf before I move.

I guess I'm looking at the next few weeks with curiosity at what's going to end up happening. It's been awhile since I've had to change my lifestyle, and it looks like the gears are beginning to shift again.

Oh, a supplemental to my last journal entry. Apparently, the soap for shampoo idea was a great success -- I like the way it alters the texture of my hair. Huzzah! Of course, it's the little and big experiments that irritate my parents, as it moves me out of the status quo, but I suppose for the sake of philosophy, I regard my entire life as a public experiment. This diary, and my writings, are the logs for that experiment, and I feel a need to bare all. Well, nearly all. There still might be a few things I don't talk about or fully specify here or there, and there are several writings that I've kept to myself because they're about people I know and they might read them. It is sometimes interesting to go back and check them for accuracy of prediction and analysis.

Tags: philosophy

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