Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I appear to be getting very depressed over the moving, bringing me out of my normal two emotional states (numbness and a kind of dedicated fire) that I've been in for most of the last two years. Perhaps it's just the stress of dealing with change -- I feel like a turtle out of its shell. It doesn't help that I'm moving into a slum, nor that I'm moving away from all the things I liked about campus. I am very happy that this is a short term arrangement, and might even pay off the lease and move someplace nicer if I find a well paying job in Columbus. It'd be nice to be almost anywhere but where I'm moving to, nicer yet to be nearer some stores and restaurants, and perhaps ideal to move back near campus. But, I guess no matter what I do, Insomnia is closing, and that's a major blow to my happiness. I'm getting ready to take two of my desktop machines over to the new place right now, and thus must shut down you, my secondary, semi-two-headed workstation. For now, farewell holly, and farewell journal. No more entries until James can drill the needed holes for me to wire the house with roadrunner, although at least I'll have you back up in a few hours. Oh, and I'll probably bring torgo (my NFS server) over as well.

Recently I've been doing a lot of work on PernAngband. I'm pleased with the way the code is turning out -- my new status work should be quite clean and spiffy. Also, I finished (for now) writing my programming tutorial for my webpage, and am again starting work on digging through the old essays and revising and putting up the most interesting ones. I wish I had a secretary to help me manage all of my philosophy. Heh. Well, off to slumsville!

Tags: philosophy

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