Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Parodies of Shadows

I like how in the new place, the light comes on when a car pulls up. It amuses me that a simple motion feature somehow makes me feel wanted, almost as if there's a friend inside always waiting for me to arrive. And as of 12:15 tonight, there no longer was an old place -- turned in my keys after a grueling day of moving. Well, actually, a gruelling several days. And in more way than the physical. Last night, I recieved two very upsetting prank calls from Martha's house. Apparently, she and some of her friends had become very drunk, and decided to torment me. I don't understand it -- I thought Martha wouldn't do such things, especially considering the civil tone of the brief email exchange we had recently.

I don't think I actually got any sleep at all last night, as I was too upset to manage to sleep. It's odd, last night, I also made an appointment with Tom to get together, and he said he'd definitely call me, and never did, and I tried calling him a few times, and he wasn't home. My laptop's power supply is dead -- last night while I was waiting for Tom, I stopped by Victorian's to see if it might be a suitable replacement for Insomnia, and plugged in my laptop across a gap to the wall, and someone walked by and broke it. I'm going to need to replace the bloody thing soon. While I was at Victorian's, I saw Lorie and met DJ Gregor for the first time -- they were doing SFF stuff. After they finished, Lorie and I went to Hounddog's (wanted to see if Insom crowd was there, I also like their garlic cheese bread). We ate, chatted a bit, and she was curious about my old place, so I showed it to her after we left. I then drove her home, started feeling very lonely, and then the car thing happened, and then the two calls. I spent the rest of the night trying to get to sleep dealing with emotional pain. I sometimes wonder why it is that I feel so different late at night. Maybe it's just slight tiredness or just being awake long enough has odd effects on everyone. I think it lowers my inhibitions a bit, makes me more emotionally vulnerable, and perhaps makes me feel more intelligent (for part of late at night, anyhow. Too late and I start to become rather unintelligent). Perhaps it ties into the Improv/Pat duality thing.

While I was moving, I was really captivated by the image of a near-complete object-ascetic. Was thinking about the idea of having a moderately sized place with almost nothing at all in it. A laptop, a desktop, a beanbag and a single pillow, hygenic supplies, a pen, and a lot of paper, and a small number of completely identical sets of clothing, and nothing else. The idea really grabbed me -- it has a strong appeal. I wonder if I'll ever be able to do it, or if my love of books will keep me from it. It will of course never happen completely until all my pets die, but I may be able to come fairly close.

I have a lot to do tomorrow. I need to set up my voicemail for my old phone number, finish moving the rest of my stuff out of the car, set up internet, and .. hmm. I guess that's it. It's still a lot to do. I still need to help Jason move some stuff; when he arrives, I'll be going back with him to help him move a desk down the stairs. He's in a bad situation -- had to move out, but no new place yet. He's going to live with Amanda until he gets his new place, storing half his stuff here, and half at Amanda's place. That's all for now, I want to lie down on my beanbag for a bit.

Ahh, yes, the car thing. Mentioned it. I think someone is stalking me, or at least was. Three times over the least week, a cute little black car has been hanging out outside my apartment, and it's driven away when I turned on a light or stepped outside. I don't have any idea who it could be -- perhaps I've managed to piss off some fundie Islamics, Christians, or Scientologists.

Anyhow, Jeff got home, just talked with him for a bit. Still waiting for Jason. Internet withdrawl is really getting to me right now. It's not so much being off as knowing I can't get on. Getting the home network set up is my prime priority for tomorrow.


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