Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


There once was a squirrel who, unlike his fellow squirrels,did not like the great tree where all the others lived. And so he livedon the ground. He did, however, love the shade of the tree, despitehating it's actual texture. Then, one day the tree fell, killing allhis fellow squirrels and also taking away the shade. And although he trulyhated the tree, he felt odd about its end.

Hurt me. Use me. Kiss me. Make me feel love. Strike me. Tie meto a tree and set me ablaze. Hug me. Talk to me. I do not feel safeanymore.

The internet is back, and my addiction is being fulfilled. My 2 big monitors are snorted formly up each nostril. My laptop is still waiting for a replacement AC adaptor -- I won't use it until I have a way of recharging the battery. Dunno what I'll do about living arrangements.. perhaps I may stay longer than my first paycheck, although I do think that after 6 months I'll definitely be out of here. I just don't know if I want to move again so soon, even though I really am not very happy with the neighborhood and the distance from campus.

If you were offered unconditional insight into all of humanity, and could know everything of humanity that ever happened and is happening, would you take it? If you were offered access to a new realm of thought or a new place to be, but it meant that you could never talk with or be with another person from where you are now, would you take it? I want to leave. I can feel a dull roar, transcendance is near.


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