Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Flesh and Domination (hehe)

Car styles. They used to be boxy, and give a mechanical impression. Modern car styles arn't like that -- they're now all curvy. Almost like the flesh of an animal. I see a bulge on a car in front of me, it reminds me of the bulges of someone's belly or leg. Is this our way because of some desire to dominate others, or is it that we seek companions in our cars? Is lonliness related to slavery?

I truly need to find a new place to hang out. I'm not being productive in my domicile (well, that's normal), and there is so much I need to write, to code, to read. I need someplace where I can be away from my pets, most of my computers, the distractions. Someplace different. But there is nowhere I know of where I could have that with a wall socket and a long stay.

Poetry and expressivity -- are poems really more expressive? I'm tempted to say that the suggestion that they are is just fluffy crap -- they are merely more interesting. But instead, a suggestion perhaps -- they feel more like the jumbled mass of how we might be thinking than the structure of how we are thinking.

Things to work on:

  • Philosophy on Custody/Regency
  • Pernangband status (and other work)
  • MoLD work
  • Finding a job
  • Little
  • High
Oh well, at least I haven't yet had a headache today. I've been having really bad headaches quite regularly for the last half year or so.

Going to take a nap -- the seductive power of sleep has finally whispered into my ear enough that I will give in.


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