Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

purge (continued)

In the entry beneath this one, I shared an essay that I wrote in response to some nationalistic propoganda my mother was spreading around, and mailed it as a response to all the people she sent the first one to. Apparently, neither of my parents appreciate my position, but I did recieve some nice positive commentary on it. I consider fighting nationalism *VERY* important -- it's a very nasty force that very little good can come of. Like fighting racism, it mainly takes just a willingness to fight it where it appears. I'm noticing an awful lot of it recently -- the commoners seem to be sticking flags everywhere, and the friends I have who are Jewish (yet atheist) seem to be pulling their nationality out of the closet, even those who have worried about the effects of nationality. It makes me sad to see them falling to such a low.

I've been having lots of philosophical thoughts recently, and really just need a bit of time to write several important new essays. Many of them already exist as sketches right now.

One of the fun things I did while I was at my parents' home was go with my sister Lindsay to Borders. What relationship I have with her seems to be largely positive, although I worry that she perhaps isn't steering clear of the painful areas of life. We had some good conversations, and I got some interesting philosophy books and a CD of Rocky Horror from the current Broadway cast. It's really quite good, and many of the tracks are better than the RHPS CD, something I didn't exactly expect. That's all for now -- I'm either going to do some reading or work on philosophy, perhaps both.

Tags: family, israel, politics

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