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Understanding a mindset

Some more thoughts on the terrorist stuff. Many people have called the terrorists cowardly. Nothing could be further than the truth. Can it really be cowardly when you give up your life for a cause? Too many people, when they encounter something that overall is negative, use inaccurate terms purely because they are negative to describe the thing. This is sloppy thinking, and just leads people to be unable to understand the other side. The terrorists were actually rather brave, they were just willing to fight for a bad cause (religion and national solidarity). Terrorist acts are always bad, but no more or less so than war is. Innocents are killed in both, and neither can actually justify the other because the guilty are merely a small fraction of the 'identity of a nation'.

It is sometimes hard to insist on accuracy for things which are abominations. The terrorists were brave. Hitler was an inspiring speaker. Stalin ran an efficient state. It is, however, our duty as guardians of truth to advance accuracy at all times. It is far better to be approved by the eyes of history than the eyes of the present time.

On other topics, I have an in-person job interview in Columbus soon, and there may be a job interview in Chicago in a bit. Huzzah. With any luck, I'll be able to move someplace alone soon, to someplace I can keep warm, live alone, and enjoy more peace and quiet. I'm looking forward to the philosophy group I go to on Fridays now -- this'll be the third time, and I've really enjoyed it so far. Unfortunately, Town Addiction is really quite a ways south. Oddly though, where I'm living now isn't a bad place to get around from -- it's pretty close to Summit and Fourth, two one-way streets going to/from downtown. I think I like one way streets. I've been having dreams about an ideal transit system -- all streets would be either numbered or lettered, and people would just specify their location as a grid spot, e.g. (12BF). I've also had a dream about my ideal home, a strange dream I've had before. It is a dome, with a raised, circular central platform on which my hammock, a few chairs, and a beanbag lie, with railings around it. There are four steps going down, each in a radial direction, to a lower floor still within the radial room (seperate rooms, not otherwise linked) that are mostly (but not completely) just under air in the scope of the room as a whole. I woke up and made a sketch before the image faded, and will try to get pictures up sometime, along with some of my other more visual ideas.

Sadly, my digital camera is lost. I believe it was stolen from my old apartment, as I still have all of its batteries. I don't know what else might've been stolen -- perhaps some money. I'm quite bummed about it, and a replacement is something I really want to get soon.

Have poked around some other webjournals of friends and friends of friends. I've often been disappointed at what I read related to the WTC thing -- too many people become too emotional to think clearly. Perhaps these are the kind of people who belong in mobs. I usually feel very alone -- it feels to me like nobody else is completely sane sometimes. For many people, sanity is just tested habits, a cardboard cut-out that is sufficient for everyday use. Once put in an unusual situation, the fascade crumbles and despite the best effort of the mind to rationalize everything, they are revealed as being insufficiently rational. There are sometimes patches and guards which can help people approach rationality, understanding common fallacies and doing a lot of thinking/planning beforehand.. but these are only approximations, and I think I have at least a fair chunk of what can be done beyond that. I know myself, I know what I want, and I know where my jagged edges are. I am committed to truth, and hold nothing as above examination. I seek to understand as well as to judge.

Why am I alone?

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