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I love singing. People need to sing more -- it really is a great way to get rid of stress, repressions, and all sorts of other stuff. From russian choral music to musicals, I'm singing along. Fun. And now, some amusements...

Just got back from programming at Vic's. In a very good mood. Programming and philosophy both make me feel great.

Have been thinking about death. A dissenting, but interesting thought. "Death is not to be feared. You are, after all, a collection of seperate wills, in essense. Will your death kill those wills in all of humanity? Perhaps the combination that forms your incarnation, but not the wills themself. Only with the end of sentience would your essense be truly snuffed."

I went to Meijer today -- James took his space heater (which I was borrowing) back, so I went there and got a new one that's nicer. This one has a temperature control. Spiffy.

Hmm.. I'm still excited about the program I wrote -- it's part of my MoLD project, and it's a creature editor. It's finally fully functional, and programmed for multiple .. ehh.. silly joke. Anyhoo, yeah, I can finally start creating the data content for MoLD. Perhaps next I'll make a map editor. The real thing is, well, my creative moods range widely. Philosophy fits a certain kind of mood, and programming fits another kind of mood. Creating data content for my MoLD project fits yet another mood, so I've found/opened a new outlet for my creativity. Huzzah. It'd be almost like if I met someone and fell in love, I'd have a new outlet for all the love I have that now just kind of trickles to Wally and my Iggies. Hehe. Now I *KNOW* I'm in a good mood -- it didn't get me all depressed to think about that. Hell, I can even say Martha, and not be depressed right now. MarthaMarthaMarthaMartha! Hehe.. this is so rare. I almost am tempted to call her and chat, but at that thought I do feel a remote rumbling in my mind, and must stop lest the beautiful raining stormclouds part and the garish sun boil my mental face. And I do still feel a bit of the me that loves here. But it's not getting me down right now. Woot! Huzzah! Programming!

Perhaps part of it is that finally, with this heat thingy, my room is as warm as I want (well, almost) for the first time that I've been here. That's all. I'm either going to start creating creatures for MoLD, or read, or perhaps go upstairs and make myself a snack. I had some really delicious italian ricy stuff with broccoli in it today -- cooked it with my ricemaker, got it at Meijer a bit ago. I *MUST* remember to get more of it the next time I'm low on ricy stuff. Also, I'm rediscovering oatmeal. Peach flavor. I'm in food and warmth and creativity heaven.

I do worry for a sec -- I shouldn't be this happy. It'll make my normal numbness harder to be achieved. Yet, I can't seem to help being happy. MoLD_Progress + Heat + DrF_Feeling_Better + Yummy_Food = Happy_Improv


Tags: comics, philosophy, programming

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