Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The more you have...

The more that can go wrong. Two things broke in this awake period. My portable heater's ability to rotate is now busted. I didn't do anything to it, and it's not very old. Grr. Fortunately, it's still new enough that I can almost certainly get it repaired gratis. Secondly, while I was at Outland, someone busted the left mirror on my car. I'm rather worried about repair costs. Today was a strange day. I got a refund check in the mail from the electric company, so I went out to deposit it. I then ate, and went to watch the preachers for a bit (it was rainy, so few ppl were there). I then chatted with an interesting guy about the history of the Catholic church, and on my way back to my car, ran into a friend of mine who's in the philosophy group that meets on fridays. We stopped by a chinese place -- he ate and I drank tea. We then went back to his place to watch TV (a very big house in a near-campus slum, with very cheap rent -- perhaps I'll move in next door if I get this job -- if I can get a house as big as theirs for $600/mo, it'd be very very cool), and watched Star Trek until it was time to leave for the philosophy group. Got there, and ended up chatting with his roomate for most of the time. After it ended, after unsuccessfully trying to get company for it, went to Outland alone. People watching was decent, but I felt faintly ill -- not sure why. Left at 03:45 or so, and came back to find my car window hanging by its tendon, the rest totally busted. Strange day.

It is kind of cool to find my next possible residence -- if it's like their house, it's quite huge. I hope the car thing works out ok..

  • sigh*
I'm really pinning my hopes on this job. I really need to start moving ahead with my plans in life. Was mildly depressed about a conversation w/ Jeff today regarding GPA and my quest for a PhD in CogSci. I really hope that won't be a barrier when I reenter academia. My GPA was like a 2.9.Farewell, sweet diary.

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