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That's Blah and heh. Kind of an odd mix. I've been awake for too long, and I feel like I *AM* coffee. I never drink it. But my mood is somehow summarized by a kind of thick, chocolatey mud. Coalesced into different consistancies, like a slice of good chocolate cake. Hmm. Does that second 'o' belong in chocolate? How did it sneak into the word, if it really is in the word? I don't know. Yes, I'm as dull right now as the wall. Last night, I went to the police station to file a report on the damage to my car. I didn't feel like going home, and went to Vic's, forgetting that it was saturday and there were SFF socials there that day. Must remember to avoid that in the future. Anyhoo, Martha wasn't there, and I got bored, so I went with all of them to eat. It was probably a mistake. I haven't been around large numbers of people recently, and felt rather uncomfortable. It also felt odd that people didn't react as I thought they would -- I used to have more interesting relationships with some of the people there, and they've faded over time. I suppose it's hard to know how such things stand the test of time. I made a bit of a mess of things. I left after the dinner portion, came home, and moped around for a bit. Eventually, I played a computer game for the rest of the night, until around now, when I begin to get tired and decide to make an entry before I go to sleep. I suppose attempting to be around others when I'm not in one of my social moods is probably not the best way to find happiness.


  • Social - not that common, when I actually want to interact with people.
  • Observe - Occasional, when I just want to watch others.
  • Background - Occasional, when I just want other people to be around.
  • Normal - Usual. Don't want to be around other people.
I suppose, on the up side, I'm back in touch with Leon and Tom. When I'm in a social mood again, I'll probably hang out with them. Hmm. Are my moods predictable? Well, sort of. It's grossly like managing a need, e.g. hunger. If I stay away from people for most of, say, three days, generally I'm in a very strong social mood for about an entire day. Blah blah. Too tired to think anymore. Must sleep.
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