Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Memories of Surreality

I vaguely remember very recently being in one of my rare surreal moods. And I can't exactly remember when it was. As a matter of fact, for some odd reason, my memories from the last few days appear to be absent right now. I'm left with several notes from philosophy things I'm working on. (*goes off to re-read my netdiary to find out what I've been doing*) Ahh. It must've just been all of yesterday. I wonder what I did.

My car is scheduled for fixing on thursday. I hope I'm called about that OSU EE job this week. Cheese. Yes, I went out to wild oats yesterday and got some cheese, and met someone who exclusively works with cheese, and chatted with them for awhile. And I was with Jason. Hmm.. there's a memory from yesterday. Can I trace it forward and back and remember more of yesterday? Like wading through sludge. Hmm.. Jason needed to make copies of reciepts, and on that trip we went to a copying place. Ahh, yes, and first we went to look at that house I fell in love with, and found that its neighbor wasn't as interesting as it was. We became hungry after going to wild oats, and I think we went and ate somewhere, but I can't remember.. Oh, yes, it was King's. Hmm... I can't trace anything before or after that trip -- I probably dropped Jason off afterwards, but it's odd to have no memory at all of the rest of the day. It's odd how I was able to trace the associations from hunger to "there is cheese in the refrigerator" to most (all?) of that trip, and still not have actual automatic recall of the whole day. Why don't I remember? I never drink or use drugs, so that can't be it. Could it just be the surreal mood that hid my memories? Oh well, it was certainly a creative period, given the number of notes I have on philosophy things. I really need to update my webpage -- my local copy has a fair amount of updates that haven't been pushed yet.

Off to eat at the Cajun place, I think.


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