Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Things that cannot be said...

I occasionally get amazing flashes of insight, or at least they feel like them, but the content isn't anything like I can express. Imagine a grid, and something moving, or sliding, on it, into a certain position that is somehow *right* with it's surroundings. When I say grid, I really mean 2d in the realest sense. If I were to be in an odd mood, I'd say that perhaps some portions of my brain are off playing tetris, and those flashes of insight really are like when I make a good move in tetris. Actually, that's a really really good metaphor -- it has *exactly* the same feel as if I have just made an incredibly deep and insightful move in some kind of tactical game. Still, I wish I understand what really leads to these feelings. Could it really be possible that portions of the brain can play mental games without leaving a trace of memories? In a way, this reminds me of my occasional nightmares about shapes that cannot be and warped perspectives. I don't know why, but when I see that strange cubey thing, or are seeing from that perspective that makes things look too big in a somehow small encasing (2 seperate nightmares), I get some kind of deep, instinctual terror.

I've been enjoying many varieties of rice. Rice cookers are pretty spiffy. Hmm. And I'm tired. I suppose the thing I will do, is to go to sleep. I wonder if I'll do errands tommorow, or if I'll put it off another day and just bum around tomorrow.


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