Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Netdiary hacking

I just hacked a bit on my netdiary program. It now generates HTML that displays a bit more concisely on the page -- less whitespace. It probably runs slower, but that's not really a big concern for me. The new version will go out with the next update to my site. Well, probably.

I love using small software that I write myself to do stuff. It's all about flexibility. My programs are an extention of my will. They do as I desire. And I can change them when I want. I know that I can embed arbitrary HTML in this thing, and have it work, because I wrote it. If it breaks, I can fix it. If I want, I can enchance it. I pity all of you who need to rely on other peoples' software for everything. You always need to make do with what other people think you need, or how they interpret what you need. Would you tolerate your free time, your trips to restaurants being decided by someone else all the time? Unix programmers should be the ultimate Nietzscheans. Our will is everywhere. Creation of the meagerist piece of refrigerator art is in a sense a far greater act than visiting an art museum. Ugh. I originally capitalized 'art' and 'museum'. I hate English capitalization rules. Oh well.

Tags: blog, programming

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