Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Unwanted convergence

Displeased. Piers Anthony and Steven King, in the most recent two books I've read (still working on the King one) have decided to make each of their respective works crossover with other of their works. You might not get this clearly. Clarification: King brought together two of his series. Anthony did too. They did not with each other. Sometimes crossovers amuse, but mostly they tend to stereotypeize the 'guest' series, and so far, tha's what happened WRT Anthony. I'm not done with the King book yet.

I also was just surprised to find out that I'm mildly ill. Went out to Hounddogs to eat and then (planned) to go to a coffeeshop to hang out. Shortly after I got to hounddogs, I began to feel ill, and spent considerable time in their restroom, and then while eating my food, considerable effort not to vomit. So, I came home to be in a more restful environment. Odd thing is, I'm not in a bad mood at all about it. Anyhow, I'm going to lie down, read some more, and.. well.. that's all. I'm actually only feeling mildly ill right now -- I might eventually vomit, but sickness is just a sensation, and there is insufficient interference with my actual head-sensations for me to be unable to dismiss the sickness, in sensation and emotion.


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