Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


I have a headache. It is very bad.My room stinks. It is very bad.I probably should do something about it.And huzzah. I have thus tipped my hat to yetanother person I once knew. Well, except Ihave no hat. My head is too big for a normal hat to fit.Sigh.

Anyhow, watched some very bad movies with Amanda today.Still, of the three we saw, mine, Find the Ladywas by far the worst. It sucked all the energy out ofus both, after watching only 5 minutes of it. We had toturn it off, and so we switched to a silly cop movie withJay Leno and the guy who played Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid(another bad, but in this case surprisingly popular, movie).

I think my headache has something to do with sugar levels --I got the beginnings of it at Amanda's place, and on drinkingsome Kool-Aid, I felt better for awhile. Amanda's cat,Dexter, is sooooo nice. Anyhow, Jason eventually showed up tostudy with Amanda, and so I left. Hopefully things betweenJason and Dawon are still ok. On the way back, I got a bithungry, and tried calling a few people to see if anyonewanted to grab anything to eat with me. No dice. Oh well.Perhaps I'll take a nap. I'm no longer in a reading mood.Earlier today I was in a creative mood, but my headache killedthat. Perhaps after a nap I'll feel better. I need to go getmore groceries sometime soon. Maybe Jeff or Lorie will want togo to Meijer. Hehe.. it's hard to have much control over when Ican be social now that Insomnia is gone. Nap for now, Pat. Improv


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