Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

No rice

Went to Meijer. They had none of the nice rice-based foods I like that they had earlier. Disappointed.

Leon has been bothered by two diary related things. First, he took offense at my position on Zeevi and Sharon. I sent him some data which hopefully will make him give up any misguided loyalties he has to them. Secondly, he wasn't thrilled that I mentioned that his netdiary was linked from Quealy's site. I can understand this. It's hard to move fully into the idea of one's thoughts being fully visible to everyone. It's kind of like moving to a nudist colony, I guess. I must be more careful in not assuming that everyone else I know has tossed off their inhibitions. But golly, look everyone, I'm nude!

Golly. Hmm. Sometime recently I was at Outland, and there was an anime on the TVs, a kind of futuristic fighting android style, where the main character's name was 'Golly'. It was strange. On this friday evening, if plans go well, I'm going to go with Lorie and perhaps others, to Outland. She spoke of getting me all gothed up for it, but I don't know how we're going to manage that -- I don't think I want to enter her/Martha's home, and I don't know if she has appropriate makeup for it. *shrug*

I would talk more about the evils of nationalism here, but I've already said most of it over and over throughout my philosophy. Automatic loyalty is bad. Goodnight, world.

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