Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Staples, arbeitsucht, and trimming

My favorite stapler. It's grey, plain, soviet grey, and has a nice industrial look. Jason admires it too. Apparently, the big box I had of staples is of a kind that it won't take. Today or tomorrow, I'll need to get replacements. Impermanence. A recurring theme in life. The source of a lot of phobias.

Today, if things go well, Jason and I are going to go visit Nationwide and a few other places in search of work. OSU cut back his hours below what he needs to support himself. Amanda needs work too. Lorie needs a new job. I, of course, need a job. I wonder how widespread this is. *grumble* economy. Still no news on the OSU EE job. *sigh*

Trimming. I suppose it's time again to try to figure out who really appreciates my company and who is either trying to use me or is just too polite to cut ties. I've learned, both inside and outside the local area, that netdiaries can easily give one a false sense of closeness. I've left one of the three big IRC channels I've been on already. When it comes to personal connections, I guess when in doubt I'll just not contact people, and if they ever contact me again, I guess I'll know for sure what's going on.

I have got to get my life moving somehow. I'm happy at my progress in philosophy, but quite unhappy at my progress in other realms. Am thinking of adding a 'cast' page to this thing. Will mull it over for a bit. Well, I guess I better get ready to go get Jason. Tschau

Tags: friends

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