Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

When the moon hits your eye

It makes it go splat. Hehe. Anyhow, today was interesting. I woke up ill. My right throat has an intense, but very focused pain. It might be an infected gland of some sort. Went w/ Jason and Amanda to Nationwide, by bus, but by the time we reached there, the job office was closed. So we went back. I then went w/ them to eat, and as I was there, the pain began to peak. After I got back, I slept until the philosophy thing, hoping the pain would die down. It did, and I went there and had truly interesting discussions with Jeremy regarding the foundations of his philosophy. Hopefully I've helped cut down his ugly roots so a nicer tree can grow in his soil. I went back, changed, and went with Lorie to Outland. It was a fairly decent trip, except for one detail. I met one of Lorie's friends, whom I quickly got a crush on. I don't remember her name, but she's cute and she's an atheist. Huzzah. Well, the cynic voice of reason says that either I'll never see her again or she's not interested in me. Anyhow, she already has a bf. Oh well. It's not too bad to actually have a decently sized crush.

Afterwards, Lorie and I went to grab a bite to eat, and while we were eating, I started to get a fever. I still probably have it. So, yeah. I'm ill. It's not terrible (at least so far) -- all I have is a fever and a very localized nasty pain in my throat. Oh well. With any luck, my body will fight it off.

Hmm. It'd be tempting to dwell on my crush, nurturing it. But.. it's likely that it'll go nowhere and my three years sans amor will continue. Oh well. At least Wally has been more snuggly recently. I love him sooooooooo much.

Tags: love

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