Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Returning oddity

Yesterday I spent about an hour drinking tea and eating a scone at Insomnia. Right now, I'm at Vic's, on the internet through roadrunner. A few days ago, I met one of the rare people that I can get a crush on. Odd.

Hmm. Ahh. My memory provides. Her name is Jessica. Bleach-blonde hair, face round, smallish. Kawaiiiiiii! I wonder if she found me attractive. I wonder if she remembers me. She was rather drunk. She has a bf. *sigh*

To terminate my listlessness, I was on my way to the Columbus Zoo to get a job there. But.. I called my Mum, and she put an end to that. Brr. Just talking to her makes me unhappy. She so wants to create drones, perfect little mindless members of society that exist purely as corporate ants. It doesn't help that, so long as they own my car and are paying my rent, they have considerable control over me. I must be free.

Tags: love, work

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