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You must understand it...

before you give it up. Now with a topical flavour!

This references CNN story: Key Afghan opposition leader reportedly executed You might be inclined to simply add this to the list of the evils of the Taliban. I might be inclined to agree with you. But... you'd probably be a hypocrite to denounce it.

Situation. The United States government has, for the last few years, been racked by a revolutionary war with, say, Communists. They have about as broad a support as whatever your ideology is, and they control most of the northwestern region of the U.S., your ideology's stronghold being the southeastern region. They're sending famous people into the southeast in order to stir up a popular revolt against democratic capitalism (or whatever you support). Your government just arrested such a person, and tried them for spying for the enemy, executing them for treason. What do you think?

I suggest the situations are analogous. Yes, I would say that both actions are bad. But if you are to condemn it, condemn it after understanding it fully. We must discard nationalism. Massive group identity is a huge barrier to happiness, achievement of worthwhile ends, and peace. Some conflicts are necessary or useful. Nationality is not. When religion, nationalism, ethnicity, regionalism, and other such horrors are finally seen as the poisonous leeches they are, and removed from our collective minds, we will finally open our eyes to what is possible. The Jews pissed off all the neighboring identities with their quiet arrogance. They eventually angered their own lower classes, who went on to create an even more monstrous religion. Later on, the Russians and then the Germans, in their own particular idioms, let loose the nationalistic monsters in themselves and committed atrocities as a response. In sum, why were the Jews hated? The quiet arrogance their culture had as a whole. Of course, let me note that a quiet arrogance and identity is still a heck of a lot safer than a noisy, warlike one that most Fascist governments have/had. Still, both must perish.

Nationalism is nasty stuff. You might argue that it leads to community service. Community service is well and good, but the reason you restrict it to YOUR community should be merely convenience and efficiency (i.e. cost/time of helping elsewhere lead to less total help). If you could help where it's most needed without those factors, you should.

Hmm. On another topic.. I'm thinking of reworking my netdiary code some more. It'd be nice if it were to break my entries up by month, so people wouldn't be forced to download the entire thing to read an arbitrary entry. Also, I might add another includeable header that the client knows how to manipulate to add brief notes to the top that are meant to be temporary. Or is my ndinclude functionality better suited to that? I dunno. I've imagined ndinclude to have data that only rarely changes, whereas the new feature probably should pop up an editor window. I guess I need to think about it some more in order to come to a conclusion. EE job didn't come through. *sigh*

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