Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Getting things done

Still kind of bummed, but I'm feeling at least a bit better now that I've been creative for a bit. I wrote a nice philosophy essay, it will be on my site in a bit. I'll probably go to Outland with Jason and Dawon tonight -- it promises to be a good night for people watching. Perhaps I'll also see *her*.

I think that perhaps for each section of my philosophy pages, there should be a 'for the masses' essay stating my position in a nutshell.

On another note, an unease I shared while talking with Lorie about a week ago. It makes sense that women should always be wary WRT guys. There are a lot of really nasty guys out there, and by biology, women have it worse off WRT the downsides of sex (hygene, pregnancy risk). Plus, our culture raises men to consider the proper role of women to be subservient. It pains me that there are more natural barriers to a friendship with a female for me than with another female. And.. that those barriers are rational. Oh well. The echoes of that conversation, and the underlying unease which has been with me many years, have been floating through my head for about a week. I don't think, although I am not certain, that I've ever taken the time to voice them before.

I wonder if I've really put enough of my stuff on the web that my entire philosophy can be derived by a sufficiently diligent person. I have tons of papers, handwritten, which are not up at all. Some of the stuff from the older incarnations of my website is not up. I need to bring those stacks of paper with me when I come here. Oh, yes, I'm at Vic's again on the internet. Perhaps the appeal of roadrunner is sufficient to make this my true regular haunt.

Tags: friends, philosophy

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