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BushJr brings the wild west back to uswhy Sharon is a hypocrite when he gets indignant over Zeevi's assasinationwhy a house should fall on BushJr.

I have been feeling like Lain recently. Never seen it? Good anime. Striking ending. And I've felt a bit like how she must have felt after the reset. I was going to write about it in a more freaky way, but I guess I won't. What would the universe be without your existence? I think, for me, it would stitch back together quite easily. I haven't really, as far as I know, made much of an impact in life yet. I have been filling a spot that would've just as easily either been left unfilled or filled by someone else. My family would be the same, I don't think I've really affected what friends I have or had very much. I've never been pivotal. Thinking. No, up through the end of High School, all I did was computer stuff, stuff that could've been done easily by others. College, ... no, not much related to the college, and I was probably just another person with YF. Martha, just another person in the path of flowery destruction. I don't know if I actually helped her end her relationship problems. And.. since the shattering, I haven't spoken to too many people. A world without me.. wouldn't be very different. I can easily picture that world. There never was a me. It feels very real. It does kind of pain me to think of all the time I've spent with Jason undone. But everything else really would fit with minimal reworking, I think. See Lain.Understand how I feel.

Shall I ever shape this world?


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