Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Pat Gunn, the RPG!

It's amazing! And you can get started right away. For those of you who don't know, XdY means the sum of X rolls of a Y sided die.

You wake up at 11+2d6 O'clock.You are feeling 1d6: 1) Lonely and sad 2-3) Numb 4) Snuggly (but, alas, you have nobody but wally to snuggle with) 5) Ill 6) Creative

After waking up, you spend 6d6 minutes applying for jobs on variousinternet jobboards. You also have 4d6 pieces of spam in your mailbox.You spend the rest of your day 1d8: 1) Reading at home 2-4) At Victorians. You write (1d4)-1 philosophical papers and if (1d2 == 1) you do some programming too 5) Playing computer games at home or at Victorians (roll 1d2 to determine where) 6) Trying to get back to sleep at home 7) Moping around working on your computer doing 1d4: 1) Organizing your home directory and similar 2) Trying new jobboards 3) Cycling endlessly between the webcomics you read, slashdot, moscow times, and CNN 4) Trying to install some difficult-to-install software package like timidity or festival (you fail, don't bother rolling) 8) Roll 1d4: 1-3) Driving around doing errands 4) Sitting alone at a park you found wishing there were someone else there with you

If (1d8 == 1) then you found some odd computer job that might need doingby somebody in the neighborhood, and maybe make a little bit of money.

At the end of the day, you have eaten 1d8: 1-2) A bagel and some tea (if you didn't go to Vic's, ignore this roll) 3-4) Some cheap gumbo 5) Nothing 6) Some ice cream late at night, with 1d2: 1) Lorie 2) Jason 7) Roll 1d4: 1-2) Breaded Chicken from TeeJays 3) Indian food from an indian restaurant somewhere 4) Some other restauraunt 8) Roll 2 additional times, apply both results

You also might (1d3==1) have eaten (1d3) meals of rice mixes that you cookedin your rice cooker.

You finally go to bed at 1d12 hours past 9pm, feeling that this day was 1d6: 1-3) A complete waste, and hope you get a job soon 4-5) Okay 6) Productive


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