Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Dreams come true?

Will I be hired? Stay tuned tomorrow for the season finale of Improv's life! If not, I'll get another shot on Wednesday at the career fair. If I become an employee and get an income, I promise the people^H^H^H^H^Hets in my fiefdom and myself the following:

  • A nicer residence, where I will keep the heat at a level where I won't be shivering underneath blankets every night (ideally somewhere between 75 and 90 degrees)
  • Another iggy cage so Frank and Yui won't need to share a cage
  • A test computer so I can play with Plan9, Solaris/x86, and HURD*
  • A new comb. I really miss my huge, pale blue comb. Heck, I might splurge and get this even if I don't get the new job :)
  • I will learn Ruby*
  • I will get a new bike, because I miss riding around my old one
  • I will start a garden, or otherwise do planty things. This need has been growing on me for quite awhile, and is now almost at a physical level. *MUST GROW GARDEN*
  • I will get a gamecube, and maybe a PSX2 as well
  • I will start to offer a tutoring service, advertised in the paper, to help people learn to use their computers better

Yeah, it's a repeat, modified a bit, of my previous list. What do you expect, folks? It's TV.

About the *s -- there have been spiffy mentions of both Ruby and HURD on slashdot recently. Both of them look extremely cool, and have been on my to-learn list for quite awhile. I'd love to devote a system to HURD. It's seriously THAT cool. Ruby looks pretty spiffy too.

Tags: programming, work

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