Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Zombie Girls on Campus

At 11:30, in theory Enterprise Rent-a-Car picked me up, drove me to their facility, and I rented their car, as arranged, at noon. Theory and practice are not presently speaking to each other though.

While I've been sitting here waiting (yay wireless), I saw

  1. A girl who was so incredibly pale that she looked like a zombie. She had the unwise idea that light colours go well with bleach white skin (she wasn't albino though) -- in actuality, I think that black is the best clothing colour for very pale people
  2. A guy with a invincibility star on his shirt (from super mario 1)
  3. Another guy, about an hour later, with a 1-up mushroom and the words 1-up underneath it (also from super mario 1)
  4. People wearing various hats, kippot, headscarves, and the like
  5. Chabad house girls in their painfully-yellow shirts and long dresses
  6. Several people I know
I will be busy this weekend -- don't expect another blog post until Monday. Next wednesday, a branch of the local anarchists, Antifa, is arranging a protest of a local fundie gathering downtown. Apparently, the most fundie of the fundies are to be in town at the Mellon Arena. Given the wording, this will probably be open to non-anarchists, so I'll probably go. I'm not sure if I should find/make a red flag, make a sign, or just go propless. Any other pittsburghers who are interested should let me know (I think their gathering starts at 17:00).

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