Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

In to the waist

I'm not in over my head, nor am I walking on water. Either would kind of bite. Silly mystics -- walking on water is NOT cool. This job is just the right level of challenge for me. Variety, lattitude, authority, hardware, software, networks, all of them fill a magical pinata that I'm happily tapping with a pencil. I just got back from work, and boy are my wings tired. Well, no. I'm actually not tired at all. I could've stayed a lot longer. It's that good, folks. Work and pleasure coming together into a kind of wonderful gushy kind of life. I look forward to work tomorrow. The only way that I'm depleted is that I'm kinda hungry. Well, actually, rather hungry. I called Lorie to see if she'd want to go grab a bite to eat, but then I remembered that she's at SFF. Jason isn't around. Hehe.. there are only two people I know who are keen on hanging out with me, and mixing them is like mixing cat and water. I still would kind of like to meet a significant other, but hey, one thing at a time, I guess. The dice are yet to roll snake eyes for love.

Minor frustration -- it appears that I must save money for any major purchase at this point. I was hoping to be able to move almost immediately, using money I had saved in the bank. I was kind of 'out there' hoping to replace my digital camera immediately as well. Here are the approximate times I need to accumulate capital for each thing:

  • To move: 2 weeks
  • Digital camera: 1-1.5 weeks
Actually, I just got back from eating dinner and hanging out upstairs for awhile. This journal entry has sat, partially written, for about 3 hours. Away, I bless thee with the mark of Improv. I'm going to use the bathroom, read for a bit, and go to bed.
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