Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Foul Wind

It stinks outside the house. Yuck! A foul wind creeps across what normally would be just plain air.

My weekend begins. It's sort of a extreme-weekend-beginning morning for me today. That Saturday/Sunday work/sleep transition thing really exhausted me. On saturday I work from 15:3 to midnight, and sunday from 08:3 to 4:3. So, on saturday night, I got back to my place by 00:45, but was hungry and so I ate and rested out in the TV room (no, I kept the TV off), and got to bed around 01:45. I woke up, grudgingly, at 07:00, and drove to work in time. Too little sleep, combined with too much work. I need to arrange with my boss to let me sleep there on that one night a week. I also noticed that my body gets rather disturbed there, and almost decided to drink much more tea than normal to 'correct' the problem because I thought it was just natural tiredness. No! It's diet. What I need to do is to have them start stocking oranges and other energy-giving healthy things.

I almost was going to write an entry earlier in the week, but decided not to. Now I wish I had written it. Here's it as best I remember..


You are born, and enjoy a happy, free childhood, full of expressionand repression. You are shaped into a schoolchild, the tension makingyou feel wild. In college, you're active and you know everyone, datingand enjoying the fluid society you're in. After college, you start towork, and feel a certain thickness in that society. You are trapped,by your previous standards, in a gauzy coffin that binds you tighterthan you have ever been bound. Stunned, you stop fighting and just makeas best you can of the situation. Jealousy of the free, this changesthrough dissonance, into a dislike of those freedoms you just enjoyed.Suddenly, you wish everyone were in a coffin like yours. And so you beginto rot, skin moistened and slick, wrapped in the gauze that binds you.Eventually, in age your limbs break, and you cannot work anymore.You fall over in retirement, and the binds slip free, but now you are inno shape to enjoy it. You revel in your false rejuvination as you areslowly reclaimed by the earth.---

Tags: poetry

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