Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stickies that don't

It's kind of sad to think of things where their entire purpose in life is something they can't do well. Such is the case with duct tape and stickies. I've had both fail me recently. First, I'm using duct tape to cover a cold vent in my room, and it invariably ends up having one end unstick and fall, letting the cold air in. Secondly, at work I've been using stickies to label things and keep notes, and they're failing me there too. They just fall right off. My life needs more sticky. :)

Just got back from visiting home. It didn't go too badly. My mom almost managed not to bother me at all about the religion thing. The only bother was when I was leaving, she wanted to give me a copy of that book that everybody's read, The Case for Christ. I declined, having already read it. However, on the way back, I've been thinking that perhaps reading it at the same time as her and discussing where it's arguments are flawed might be fun. I mailed her an offer. We'll see what'll happen. It was nice seeing some of the family friends that came to the meal. I had forgotten how attractive a particular one of them was.

At work, things are getting busy. I'm giving a presentation on cvsweb on monday, and will ask the developers there if they know how to use debuggers. Perhaps I'll teach how to use gdb in a later session. At least one of the developers that I've spoken with more than the others is fairly new to Unix, so there's a good shot that I'll be able to teach them all useful things that'll improve their productivity. I'm also dealing with some systems that are going down without any software record (they do, of course, record coming back up). I suspect their UPS's arn't doing the job right, or perhaps serious hardware issues. There are so many systems running moldy old SCO 5.x. I really want to see if I can get the developers to move to using FreeBSD -- it's a huge pain to deal with the SCO stuff. If I can move the company to FreeBSD 4.4/4.5 or perhaps 5.0 (when released), I'll be a very happy sysadmin.

I've been thinking about construction of my model human. By our current cultural standards, it would appear childlike in many ways. It would be expressive, brutally honest, and often blunt, with a distaste for ritual. It would often sing, paint, draw, or write, even if it were good at none of them. If one cannot be great, one should at least be expressive, and support those who are great.

It is good to be home. Wally seems to miss me a lot. He's sitting on my lap, purring. He has very cute paws.

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