Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Logging out

We have all been in the process of logging out for years.Sometimes it takes that long.Connections are gently asked to close, but sometimes they don't or they open new connections on the way.When your shell finally has no more concerns, it breathes a sigh of relief, and calls exit()

I guess I wrote that. Yesterday by clock time, but still in this boot cycle of my mind. It seemed important at the time. Perhaps it isn't really.

Yeah, I'm lonely.

You look at me smugly. I scream that I amnot dead yet, but you can see the greyness of my skin, youcan see the tiredness of my voice, you can see that theiris in each eye is wide open. "Don't", I cry, butdespite my terror and anger, no tears fall from my eyes.I can no longer cry. I am not yet ready to embrace theearth. I still remember those times of life, the sharedsmiles, the scarce moments of happiness. We grinned together,sharing everything, knowing that it was enough to remembereach other. I still remember the struggles in life. Vividdetails. "I AM STILL VIVID!". But it is over. I feel likechanging my mind, an inner current. This cannot be.. but itis. My anger, my defiance, self-sustaining, is now fadingaway. I feel my mind simplify. SIMPLIFY. S=I=M=P=L=I=F=YNo thoughts. Just instinct.

I feel like writing. But maybe I don't. Am I wrong?

Tags: poetry

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