Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Fabricated nostalgia

People commonly feel nostalgia using rosy memories and legends of the past. Grasp some kind of zeitgeist, and feel how different it is from back then. But what if back then is worse? What if you have literally no idea what it was like back then? Natural law, the natural state of humanity, all of this paints an overly rosy view. Even as much as we instinctually need society, and are pleased by human faces around us, we still have a need for violence, an inner demon in us that, when others get too near, stir up disturbing imagery of kicking or strangling them. This is deeply shameful to us -- a pain to admit. Nature is not to be unabashedly worshipped. Although we must admit and understand our violent strain, it is something that in practice must be stomped out and never exercised, unless we wish to become a monster. Well, I suppose it is expressed in certain circumstances, dictated ideally by a well-constructed morality. Hmm.

I'm eating an apple as I write this entry. It's very good. I spent quite some time last night hacking on a copy of part of MoLD, turning it into an editor for something needed for work. Code reuse. Yum. Although I can't say that what the company does is thrilling (it's kinda nifty, but that's it), I like the people I'm working with, and want to be useful. I do feel rather overworked though, and rather bummed about some events that I really shouldn't discuss in a public area.

The inpermenance fairy stopped by my home recently, and tapped her magic wand on one of my monitors. One of the color guns died (blue?), and so it'll need to be replaced. On her way out, she tapped her wand on one of the nice big iguana lights, depleting the bulb. Argh. Well, actually the monitor isn't as bad as it seems -- there's a local place called Computer Success that sells used monitors, and so I'll probably replace that dead 17" with a nice used 21". Still, it'll cost me $300 to do it. Combined with the gamecube and my meals, that'll just about clean out my first paycheck. *sigh*. Oh well, hopefully future periods of life will be less expensive. Actually, I know they will -- I don't plan to buy $300 worth of videogame stuff every month, nor a new monitor every month. ... I really *am* itching to move though.

Tags: philosophy

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