Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Burning eyes

I'm ill. Burning eyes, stomach pain, muddled head. I guess it's the flu. Last night, I was extremely feverish, and was wrapped in two layers of blankets, shivering, despite it being almost 80 in my room. I didn't sleep very well. I've been fevered all day today, and my eyes still feel oddly warm. Oddly, being seriously ill no longer bums me out anymore. I sort of enjoy the variety.

More burning -- I finally bothered to get my CD burning software working again today, and did my first backup for months. Woo. I also went out and replaced the 17" monitor that was acting flakey with a nice used 21" monitor. It was $200. Huzzah. That's the 2nd 21" monitor I bought from computer success. This one is both $100 cheaper than the last one and has BNC inputs. Very spiffy. A nice monitor is one of those things that can really make me happy.

I just was looking for my work schedule, digging through old yellow notepads full of philosophy, todos, and similar, when I found my old to-visit list for the new york trip I took with Martha, Dave, and August a little over three years ago. The WTC was on my list to visit. I wonder if I did. The gugenheim was fun.

Random thought of the day: Could colorblind people be usefully matched up to defective monitors so their color-blindness would match the dead tube?


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